Associate Investigators

The institute currently has 44 faculty members, including 11 principal investigators and 6 associate investigators.

Our faculty are listed alphabetically below.

CHEN Yuewen

CHEN Yuewen  Investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more


HUANG Yan  (1) The neural mechanisms that underlie the perception of the global visual properties and innate fear; (2) Cognitive dysfunction of autism and dyslexia. Read more

LI Lei

LI Lei  LI Lei focuses on the impact of stress and negative emotions on sexual behavior and other related social behaviors. Read more

WEI Pengfei

WEI Pengfei  Focus on understanding the subcortical neural coding mechanismsfor threat signal processing using optogenetics combined with in vivo electrophysiological and optical recording. Read more


DAI Ji  Investigates the Neural Regulation of Vision, Attention and Emotion Read more

GAO Liang

GAO Liang  Deciphering the cellular and molecular roles of peripheral immune system in injury and degenerative diseases of central nervous system. Read more