Associate Investigators

The institute currently has 31 faculty members, including 14 principal investigators, 12 associate investigators, 2 Professors of Engineer and 1 Senior engineer.

Our faculty are listed alphabetically below.

CHEN Yuewen

CHEN Yuewen  Investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more

CHEN Zuxin

CHEN Zuxin  The research focus in my lab will be the following: The mechanism of nicotine addiction and withdrawal, drug discovry for smoking cessation, central-peripheral interaction for blood glucose regulation Read more


DAI Ji  Investigates the Neural Regulation of Vision, Attention and Emotion Read more

DU Zhanhong

DU Zhanhong  Focus on developing functional interface materials for in vivo electrophysiology and electrochemistry study of neural disease mechanisms. Read more

GAO Liang

GAO Liang  Deciphering the cellular and molecular roles of peripheral immune system in injury and degenerative diseases of central nervous system. Read more


HUANG Yan  (1) The neural mechanisms that underlie the perception of the global visual properties and innate fear;
(2) Cognitive dysfunction of autism and dyslexia. Read more

LI Lei

LI Lei  LI Lei focuses on the impact of stress and negative emotions on sexual behavior and other related social behaviors. Read more

LIU Xinan

LIU Xinan  Neuro-peripheral interactions in neurological disorders Read more


WANG Feng  Investigates the underlying mechanisms of endocannabinoid system in modulation of interaction between innate behaviors and brain disorders. Read more

WEI Pengfei

WEI Pengfei  Focus on understanding the subcortical neural coding mechanismsfor threat signal processing using optogenetics combined with in vivo electrophysiological and optical recording. Read more

XU Fang

XU Fang  
(1) Fast whole brain mapping and deep-learning analysis of rodents and primates.
(2) Emerging properties of neuronal network underlying learning and memory.
Read more

YANG Lixin

YANG Lixin   Investigates the genetic mechanisms of human brain evolution. Read more


ZHONG Cheng  Investigates the relationship and neural circuit mechanisms between defensive behaviors and epilepsy. Read more