Associate Investigators

The institute currently has 31 faculty members, including 14 principal investigators, 12 associate investigators, 2 Professors of Engineer and 1 Senior engineer.

Our faculty are listed alphabetically below.


CHEN Bo  Combines electrophysiology and animal behavior methods to investigate the brain circuits mediate neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and drug addiction. Read more

CHEN Peihua

CHEN Peihua  Investigates the molecular and cellular mechanism of synaptic vesicle release and develops high- accuracy detection techniques and methods for synaptic vesicles signals in CNS in vivo Read more

CHEN Yuewen

CHEN Yuewen  Investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more

CHEN Zuxin

CHEN Zuxin  The research focus in my lab will be the following: The mechanism of nicotine addiction and withdrawal, drug discovry for smoking cessation, central-peripheral interaction for blood glucose regulation Read more


DAI Ji  Neural Regulation of Vision, Attention and Emotion in Nonhuman Primates Read more

DU Zhanhong

DU Zhanhong  Focus on developing functional interface materials for in vivo electrophysiology and electrochemistry study of neural disease mechanisms. Read more

GAO Liang

GAO Liang  Deciphering the cellular and molecular roles of peripheral immune system in injury and degenerative diseases of central nervous system. Read more


HONG Wei  Molecular and cellular mechanisms, biomarkers and therapeutic strategies of Alzheimer’s disease Read more


HUANG Yan  (1)Neural mechanism of human vision, visual awareness and visual attention;
(2)Cognitive abnormalities in the early stages of brain diseases and noninvasive regulation by transcranial magnetic/electrical stimulation.
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JIA Fan   The virus-based advanced technology for neural circuit, oncolytic virus, gene therapy and vaccine. Read more

LI Baoqiang

LI Baoqiang  Research interests: biomedical optics, neurophotonics, multiphoton microscopy, cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism, and neurovascular coupling Read more

LIU Xinan

LIU Xinan  Neuro-peripheral interactions in neurological disorders Read more

SHEN Xuefeng

SHEN Xuefeng  Mechanism of synaptic vesicle release and novel methods to study single cells, single synapses and exocytosis Read more


ZHANG Danke  Computational models of neural information processing, currently working on learning and memory models to explain basic structural and dynamical properties of cortical networks Read more

WANG Huadong

WANG Huadong  (1)Viral vector-mediated gene therapy and anterograde neural circuit tracing tools.
(2)Brain tumor pathology and development of novel oncolytic virus immunotherapy for solid tumors. Read more

XU Fang

XU Fang  
(1) Fast whole brain mapping and deep-learning analysis of rodents and primates.
(2) Emerging properties of neuronal network underlying learning and memory.


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XIAO yanyang

XIAO yanyang  Neuronal network reconstruction by measurement of dynamics; Neuronal data analysis and method development. Read more

YANG Lixin

YANG Lixin   Investigates the genetic mechanisms of human brain evolution. Read more


ZHONG Cheng  Investigates the relationship and neural circuit mechanisms between defensive behaviors and epilepsy. Read more

QIAN Zhengjiang

QIAN Zhengjiang  Molecular regulatory mechanisms in development of Alzheimer's disease. Read more

ZHU Xinzhou

ZHU Xinzhou  Investigates the role of cold-inducible proteins in acute brain injury and chronic neurodegenerative diseases Read more

CHEN Zijun

CHEN Zijun  Neural mechanisms of food and drug reward Read more

ZHOU Pengcheng

ZHOU Pengcheng  Research interests: statistical modeling and automated processing of big neuro data; computational neuroscience, machine learning Read more

LEO Wong

LEO Wong  Mechanistic roles of liquid-liquid phase separation in synaptic transmission, neural plasticity, and neurodegenerative diseases Read more

CHANG Shuwen

CHANG Shuwen  Understanding the molecular mechanism of synaptic transmission and plasticity Read more


TSENG Yu-Ting  Neurobiological pathways involved in sleep, fear and psychiatric disorders. Read more

LIU Qing

LIU Qing  Dissects the structural feature and investigates the role of specific olfactory circuits mediate neurological and psychiatric disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. Read more

ZHU Kaichuan

ZHU Kaichuan  Dr. Zhu is currently a senior engineer in BCBDI. He graduated from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in 2017. Then he performed his postdoctoral research in German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and LMU Biology II department. Read more

LIU Xuemei

LIU Xuemei  The neural basis of innate fear and fear-related mental disorders. Read more

TAO Changlu

TAO Changlu  

Research Directions: (1) Ultrastructure and molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity; (2) Multi-model nano-imaging techniques; (3) In situ structures of macromolecules by cryo-ET and sub-tomogram analysis.

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LIU Yunhui

LIU Yunhui  Neural mechanisms of stress-induced metabolic disorders Read more

DING Cheng

DING Cheng   Dr. Ding’s research focuses on the sensory system and related behavior. Read more


FENG Bo  Investigate the molecular and neuroimmunological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders Read more

DENG, Chunshan

DENG, Chunshan  Implanted Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) tech and application Read more

Bernhard Schaefke

Bernhard Schaefke  Systems Neuroscience, Evolutionary Genomics and Biomedical Informatics Read more


XIAO Ke  Neuro-Immune-Infective of System biology: The relationship between inflammation and the development of depression Read more

XIANG Xianyuan

XIANG Xianyuan  Neuroimmunomodulation in neurodegenerative diseases Read more

XU Wei

XU Wei  Investigates the molecular and cellular mechanism of drug addiction and develops new therapeutics and strategies to treat disease. Read more


YANG Xing  Neural mechanism underlying innate and cognitive behaviors Read more