DING Cheng

DING Cheng

PhD, Senior Engineer
Dr. Ding’s research focuses on the sensory system and related behavior.
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Sensory system is critical for individuals retrieving information from, and choosing correct responses towards, the outside world. In correspondence to rich and constantly changing outside stimuli, sensory systems evolve similar layered structures and complex coding logic to ensure both the fidelity and the adaptability of the inner representation. Dr. Ding’s research aims to discover the cellular and genetic foundation of the coding logic in different sensory systems, and explore how the coding logic shapes behavioral responses to the outside world.


Dr. Ding is currently a senior engineer in BCBDI participating in construction of Shenzhen Brain Science Infrastructure, with special focus on the Rodent Behavior Platform. Dr. Ding got his PH.D at National Institute of Biological Science, Beijing / Beijing Normal University, and then completed Postdoc training at Columbia University.

2020 - Present The Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Senior Engineer

2012 - 2020 Columbia University, Postdoctoral Research Scientist / Associate Research Scientist

2007 - 2012 National Institute of Biological Science, Beijing / Beijing Normal University , PH. D


Selected publications

  1. Jin Zhang#; Hao Jin#; Wenyi Zhang; Cheng Ding; Sean O’Keeffe; Mingyu Ye; Charles S. Zuker; Sour Sensing from the Tongue to the Brain. Cell, 2019, 179(2): 392-402.
  1. Gong Rong#; Ding Cheng#; Hu Ji#; Lu Yao; Liu Fei; Mann Elizabeth; Xu Fuqiang; Cohen Mitchell B; Luo Minmin; Role for the Membrane Receptor Guanylyl Cyclase-C in Attention Deficiency and Hyperactive Behavior. Science, 2011, 333(6049): 1642-1646.
  2. Hu Ji#; Zhong Chun#; Ding Cheng; Chi Qiuyi; Walz Andreas; Mombaerts Peter; Matsunami Hiroaki; Luo Minmin; Detection of near-atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by an olfactory subsystem in the mouse. Science, 2007,317(5840): 953-957.