Principal Investigators

The institute currently has 44 faculty members, including 11 principal investigators and 6 associate investigators.

Our faculty are listed alphabetically below.


CHEN Yu  studies the molecular basis of synapse development and plasticity, and pathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders. Read more

LI Xiang

LI Xiang  Investigate the molecular and circuitry mechanism of prion-like proteins in stress disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more

LU Zhonghua

LU Zhonghua  Investigates the basic principles underlying the molecular, morphological, and functional specificity of neural circuits involved in brain disorders. Read more

Robert Konrad Naumann

Robert Konrad Naumann   The evolution of functional circuits in the cerebral cortex. Read more

TU Jie

TU Jie  A combination of optogenetic and pharmacogenetic manipulation reveal the neural substrates in control of innate anxiety expression. Read more


WANG Hong  Central nervous system control of metabolic homeostasis. Read more

WANG Liping

WANG Liping  investigates neural circuitry of emotion, focusing on the subcortical-cortical interaction by optogenetics, electrophysiology and animal behavior. Read more


YANG Fan  investigates the neural circuits which regulate the bone metabolism and homeostasis of stem cells. Read more


ZHAN Yang  combines electrophysiology, animal behavior and computational methods to study the neural circuits underlying behavior. Read more

ZHOU Huihui

ZHOU Huihui  investigates the brain mechanisms underlying visual cognitive functions and related behaviors in non-human primates. Read more

ZHU Yingjie

ZHU Yingjie   understand how brain circuits mediate motivated behavior and how disruption of these circuits leads to various kinds of neuropsychiatric disorders such as drug addiction and depression. Read more