Principal Investigators


BAO Jin  Modulation of synaptic transmission and its dysfunction in mental diseases Read more

BI Guoqiang

BI Guoqiang  Decoding brain circuits and plasticity Read more

CAO Gang

CAO Gang  The development of state-of-art single cell multi-omics technologies, including (single-cell) spatial omics, (single-cell) three-dimensional genomics and (single-cell) connectomics and their application in "Neuro-immune-infection" system biology and diagnosis. Read more


CHEN Yu  Studies the molecular basis of synapse development and plasticity, and pathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders. Read more

HAN Minghu

HAN Minghu  The Han Laboratory studies the molecular (ionic and receptor), cellular and neural circuit mechanisms of affective disorders and alcohol-use disorders. Read more

Helmut Kettenmann

Helmut Kettenmann  Helmut Kettenmann´s research interests are focused on the role of glial cells in the normal and pathologic brain. Read more

HUANG Tianwen

HUANG Tianwen  The neural mechanisms of pain and the interaction of pain and body homeostasis.疼痛的神经基础以及疼痛与躯体脏器的相互作用。 Read more

LAU Pakming

LAU Pakming  Circuit Dynamics Underlying Brain Function and Disorders Read more

LI Lei

LI Lei  Understand the neural circuitry mechanism of reproduction regulation and how stress impact normal reproductive functions and sexual behavior. Read more

LI Xiang

LI Xiang  Investigate the molecular and circuitry mechanism of prion-like proteins in stress disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more

LI Xiaojian

LI Xiaojian  The key technologies for Brain-Computer Interface and Neuromorphic Intelligence
脑机智能融合技术实验室 Read more

LIU Chang

LIU Chang   Investigates neural mechanisms of sleep, learning and memory


Positions available in the Liu Lab at SIAT

The lab has open positions for ambitious and highly motivated postdoctoral research fellows to investigate the molecular mechanisms and neural circuits of sleep and cognition as well as exploring novel biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis underlying Alzheimer’s disease. Candidate’s CV and two referees’ contact information should be sent to

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LU Yi  Director of the Shenzhen Engineering Lab for Brain Activity Mapping Technologies (BAMT) Read more

MENG Zhiqiang

MENG Zhiqiang  Neuropsychiatric disorders: animal models and intervention strategies Read more

SUN Jianyuan

SUN Jianyuan  Dr. Sun’s primary interest is to understand the presynaptic mechanism of synaptic short term plasticity and how it impacts neuronal information encoding. Read more


SUN Yi  c.CNS Neural Repair via Stem Cells:Systems Biology-based Approaches Read more

TAN Liming

TAN Liming  Develop treatments for brain dysfunction through studies on cross-species mechanisms of brain development/dysfunction by integrating molecular, cellular, physiological, circuit and behavior approaches. Read more

TU Jie

TU Jie  Understanding how environmental and genetic factors interact to affect the neural mechanisms of behavioral adaptation. Read more

WANG Cheng

WANG Cheng    Investigate neural underpinnings of episodic memory and spatial navigation Read more


WANG Feng  Investigates the neural circuit mechanisms of sex differences in emotion and behavior. Read more

WANG Liping

WANG Liping  

development of new optogenetic tools and technologies, dissection of neural circuit mechanisms of innate behaviors

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WANG Yutian

WANG Yutian  Investigates the fundamental mechanisms controlling synaptic transmission among neurons in the brain, and the dysfunction of these mechanisms in the pathogenesis of brain disorders such as epilepsy, stroke, and learning deficits. Read more

WEI Pengfei

WEI Pengfei  Focus on understanding the subcortical neural coding mechanismsfor threat signal processing using optogenetics combined with in vivo electrophysiological and optical recording. Read more

XU Fuqiang

XU Fuqiang  Development tools for neuro-circuit study and therapeutical purposes Read more


YANG Fan  Investigates the neural circuits which regulate the bone metabolism and homeostasis of stem cells. Read more

YE Keqiang

YE Keqiang  Molecular mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases, early diagnosis and drug development Read more


ZHAN Yang  Combines electrophysiology, animal behavior and computational methods to study the neural circuits underlying behavior. Read more

ZHANG Xiaokang

ZHANG Xiaokang  Nervous system disease-related membrane protein structure Read more

ZHANG Zhijun

ZHANG Zhijun  The precise diagnosis and treatment for depressive disorder: screening and functional verification of biomarkers of multiple dimensions and multi-omics, central delivery and target intervention, and neuroregulation. Read more


ZHOU Tao  To investigate the exact role of RNA methylation (m6A) in different brain functions and diseases, especially in learning memory and mental disorders such as PTSD and depression. Read more

ZHU Yingjie

ZHU Yingjie  

Understand how brain circuits mediate motivated behavior and how disruption of these circuits leads to various kinds of neuropsychiatric disorders such as drug addiction and depression.

Key Lab

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