LIU Yunhui

LIU Yunhui

PhD, Associate Investigator
Neural mechanisms of stress-induced metabolic disorders
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Moderate stress can help us improve concentration and work efficiency, but persistent stress can lead to emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, stress is also closely related to metabolic disorders, including abnormal glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism disorders, and imbalance of bone remodeling. In most cases, stress-induced mood disorders and metabolic disturbances often co-occur, but the underlying mechanisms are unclear. Using cutting-edge interdisciplinary technology, we explored the central nervous and peripheral physiological mechanisms of stress-induced anxiety, bone loss, and energy metabolism disorders in our previous research. Currently, our research interests include: 1) The central circuit mechanism of stress-induced metabolic disorders. 2) The role and mechanism of astrocytes in regulating stress-induced metabolic disorders. 3) The central neural mechanism of endocrine hormones in regulating stress-induced metabolic diseases. In general, our research interest lies in using the concepts of "central nervous system to regulate peripheral organs" and "functional interaction between organs" to study the physiological mechanism of stress-induced metabolic diseases.


2022-present       Associate Investigator at SIAT, CAS

2016-2021          Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2015-2021          Assistant Investigator at SIAT, CAS

2011-2015          Research Assistant at SIAT, CAS

2008-2011          M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shantou University

2004-2008          B.S. in Biotechnology, Hunan University of Science and Technology

Selected publications

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