Shenzhen Guangming Industrial Innovation Center for Brain Science


The Shenzhen Guangming Industrial Innovation Center for Brain Science and Technology is a specialized incubation platform supported by the Shenzhen municipal government, and operated by the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Brain Science. The center adheres to a development philosophy that fuses "innovation, investment and entrepreneurship", and boasts over 60,000 square meters of incubator space and 11 shared technology platforms, while supporting a matrix of specialized venture capital. The center empowers both enterprises and investors based on the principle of “sharing, innovation, and service”. There are currently more than 60 start-ups already incubating or on the waiting list, with a total value exceeding 10 billion yuan. The facility has also created China’s first "One-Stop" incubator: all a company needs to do is bring their idea, and the center will provide all necessary support in terms of office space, test equipment, consultancy and investment capital. This is part of our commitment to becoming a leader in industrial innovation, and working towards the ultimate well-being of people throughout the world.