PhD, Associate investigator
The virus-based advanced technology for neural circuit, oncolytic virus, gene therapy and vaccine.
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Virus is a smart and powerful microbe, which has harmful and useful aspects, just likes a double-edged sword, for human and animals.  The useful aspect has been applied in the fields of basic research and medicine by deleting harmful aspect, e.g. Pseudorabies virus and Rabies virus have been used to mapping neural circuit, Adeno-associated virus has been used for curing genetic disease, Lentivirus has been used for preparing modified immune cells (CAR-T), Herpes simplex virus has been modified to destroy cancer, etc.  However, some problems are still needed to be resolved, such as high toxicity, low efficiency, time consuming protocol, high-cost, etc.

Therefore, I focus on these points for developing :

  1. Novel and high-efficient virus-based tools: retrograde/anterograde tracers ( e.g. PRV/RV/VSV/SINV, etc),, single plasmid tracer.
  2. Convenient and cost-effective methods for large-scale production of viral vectors .
  3. Exploring the mechanism of virus-host interaction.


2019-present, Associate investigator at Shenzhen institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Science 

2012-2019, Assistant/Associate investigator at Wuhan institute of physics and mathematics, Chinese Academy of Science 

2012, Wuhan Youth Chenguang Program of Science and Technology 

2010-2012, Assistant investigator at Wuhan institute of virology, Chinese Academy of Science 

2010, PhD degree in microbiology from Wuhan institute of virology, Chinese Academy of Science

Selected publications

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