Translational Research Center for the Nervous System


XU Fuqiang

Research interests: We develop key technologies and tools for researches on neural circuits, efficient, safe and specific delivery of genes etc., to meet the needs of neuroscience research and diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders. We collaborate with basic research, clinical basic research and clinical application teams, to reveal the function of nervous system and pathogenesis of its disorders, and to develop diagnostic strategies and therapeutic drugs.

The translational research center for the nervous system has long been engaged in researches on techniques and tools for the structural and functional analysis of neural circuits based on viral vectors, as well as cell and gene therapy, has established the most comprehensive viral tool library over the world, and has held four national training courses and symposia on these technologies with 3,000 participants. More than 800 laboratories over the world have been served by related technologies and products. The center will actively promote basic and clinical neuroscience research and achievement transformation inside and outside the SIAT, become a unique innovation integration carrier of production, learning, research and application.