LIU Xuemei

LIU Xuemei

Ph.D, Associate Investigator
The neural basis of innate fear and fear-related mental disorders.
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The neural basis of innate fear and fear-related mental disorders.


Innate fear is essential for animal survival, and is an ability conserved across species. Exposure of animals to visual cue of predator results in many biochemical, gene and epigenetic alteration in activity in many brain areas. However, the neural substrates underlying the innate defensive behavioral phenotypes evoked by visual threat signal remains unclear. Our current interest focus on: 1) Investigates the neural circuit of innate fear responses evoked by looming stimulus, focusing on subcortical pathway and cortical-subcortical interaction by using of Optogenetics, In vivo Electrophysiology, Fiber Photometry and Trans-synaptic virus tracing. 2) Identification of neural substrate underlying visual innate fear responses by Proteomics, Transcriptome, Gene editing and Patch clamp and Animal behavioral test. 3) Determining biomarkers and novel genes for maladaptive behavior in fear-related mental disorders.


2020-Present, Associate Investigator, SIAT, CAS.
2015-2019 Ph.D, University of the Chinese Academy of Science.
2014-2020 Assistant Investigator, SIAT, CAS.
2011-2014 Research Assistant, SIAT, CAS.
2008-2011 MSc, South China Normal University, College of Biophotonics.
2004-2008 BSc, Anhui Normal University.

Selected publications

(# Co-first author, * Corresponding author)

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