CHEN Yuewen

CHEN Yuewen

PhD, Associate Investigator
Investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
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The morphology and composition of individual neuron will change during neural development or neural plasticity. The dynamics of cytoskeleton play a pivotal role in morphological development of neurons and in structural changes of adult neurons. Our current interests are focus on: (1) identify and elucidate key modulators responsible for cytoskeleton dynamics during neuronal development and neurodevelopment disorders; (2) elucidating the regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics by several extracellular signaling pathways during synapse formation, elimination, and neural plasticity in early stage of neurodegenerative diseases.


Associated investigator at SIAT, CAS since 2017.
2014-2017, HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute, Research & Project Manager.
2012-2014, Jinan University, Postdoc.
2009-2012, Jinan University, PhD.
2005-2008, Peking Union Medical College, MPhil.
2001-2005, Lanzhou University, BSc in Biology.

Selected publications

(#equal contribution, *corresponding author)

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