CAO Gang

CAO Gang

Ph.D, Principal investigator
The development of state-of-art single cell multi-omics technologies, including (single-cell) spatial omics, (single-cell) three-dimensional genomics and (single-cell) connectomics and their application in "Neuro-immune-infection" system biology and diagnosis.
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Our group focuses on the development of state-of-art single cell multi-omics technologies, including (single-cell) spatial omics, (single-cell) three-dimensional genomics and (single-cell) connectomics and their application in "Neuro-immune-infection" system biology and diagnosis. We aim to: 1) develop novel methods for System neuroscience research: such as single cell resolution connectome; in situ single-cell sequencing, novel techniques for interactome and epigenomics (Especially 3D genomics); 2) Understand the molecular mechanism of the interaction of neurotropic pathogens with host cells and immune response, particularly the neuronal regulation of immune response; 3) Optimization and application of the above-mentioned new neural circuits tracing tools, in situ single-cell sequencing and the epigenomics technologies, to delineate the genetic, epigenetic landscape and physiologic function of specific neural circuits at single neuron level, especially depression and autism; 4) dissecting the neural circuits regulating immune response to understand autoimmune diseases and immunoregulation against infection from neuroscience perspective.


2022.12-present,   School of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Distinguished Professor

2022.12-present,   The Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Principal Investigator

2013.1-2022.12,   Huazhong Agricultural University, Professor (Director)

2010.6-2012.12,   Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA, Postdoc

2008.9-2010.6,     Burnham Institute for Medical Research, USA, Postdoc

2004.7-2008.7,     Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Doctor

1999.9-2002.7,     Sichuan Agricultural University & Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master

1995.9-1999.7,     Sichuan Agricultural University, Bachelor

Selected publications

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