XU Fuqiang

XU Fuqiang

PhD, Professor
Development tools for neuro-circuit study and therapeutical purposes
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In the past decade, the group has been working on the development of virus-based tools for neuro-circuits. By combining current advances in the related fields, such as neurobiology, molecular & cellular biology, virology, neuroimaging and bioengineering, the laboratory has been focused on developing virus-based tools that are of low toxic, high sensitivity, flexible, simple, cell specific, spread direction and range controllable labeling of neuro-circuit in various type of species. Hundreds the tracers have been commercialized and used broadly. In addition, more attentions are being paid to the development of vectors for therapeutical purposes.


BS (1983) and MS (1986) in chemistry from Lanzhou University;
PhDs (chemistry, 1994; and physiology, 1998) from the University of Kentucky;
Postdoctoral fellow (1998-2001), Yale University;
Associate Research Scientist (2002-2007), MRRC, Yale Medical School;
Professor, WIPM (2007-), and SIAT (2019-), CAS;
Awardee, “Outstanding Young Scientist” (2007, NSFC) ;
Board of Directors (2008-2014) and Standing Board of Directors (2015-), CNS

Selected publications

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