PhD, Principal investigator
Investigates the neural circuits which regulate the bone metabolism and homeostasis of stem cells.
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Central nervous system plays an important role in maintaining the homeostasis of human body and regulating the physiological functions of peripheral organs. However up to now, the mechanism of central neural regulation of bone metabolism remain unclear. Our research interests are mainly focused on how different neural circuits and neuron subtypes exert influences on bone metabolism in disease models. Recently we have identified a GABAergic neural circuit in the ventromedial hypothalamus mediating chronic stress-induced bone loss, which support the crucial role of central neural circuits in maintaining the homeostasis of bone metabolism. Currently, we are using cutting-edge technology including optogenetics, chemogenetics and neural tracing to dissect the underlying mechanism of crosstalk between the brain and the bone.


Since 2016, Professor at SIAT CAS.
2010, Investigator and associate professor at SIAT CAS.
2008, University of Hong Kong, PhD.
2003, Peking University, MSc
1999, Beijing Medical University, BSc

Selected publications

(# Co-first author, * Corresponding author)

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