LI Lei

LI Lei

PhD,Principal investigator
Understand the neural circuitry mechanism of reproduction regulation and how stress impact normal reproductive functions and sexual behavior.
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Reproductive functions are under sophisticated central and peripheral regulation. The related malfunction leads to reproductive diseases which impose a heavy burden on society. The study of the brain-gonads axis at the neural circuity level will shed light on the basic mechanism of gonadal function regulation and potential therapeutic targets. Our previous work demonstrates that brainstem nucleus Locus Coerulous (LC) is an important hub for stress-related response of the brain. Currently, we apply a multi-disciplinary approach, including viral-based neural tracing, optogenetics, chemogenetics, single-nuclear sequencing and endocrinology to study the role of LC and related circuits in stress-related reproductive function disturbance.


Since 2012, Associate Professor at SIAT CAS.
2017-2018, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Visiting Scholar.
2011-2012, Assistant professor at SIAT CAS.
2006-2010, University of Hong Kong, PhD.
2001-2006, Hong Kong Baptist University, BSc, MSc.
2000, Nanjing University, full scholarship to HK.

Selected publications

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