PhD, Professor
To investigate the exact role of RNA methylation (m6A) in different brain functions and diseases, especially in learning memory and mental disorders such as PTSD and depression.
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m6A is the most abundant reversible modification existing on eukaryotic mRNA and ncRNA, and was found to be involved in nearly every step of RNA life circle, including splicing, transport, translation and decay. As a new post-transcriptional regulation pathway, m6A affects a lot of biological processes. Whereas the exact role of m6A in brain functions and disease are largely unknown. Combining RNA/m6A-seq, proteomic analysis, genetic mouse model, behavioral assay, and electro-physiological recording, we will investigate the mechanism of how m6A was participated in different brain functions and diseases.


2018-Present, Principal Investigator, SIAT, CAS.
2015-2018, Research assistant professor, ShanghaiTech University.
2008-2014, Ph.D., Institute of Neuroscience, SIBS, CAS.
2004-2008, B.S., Lanzhou University.

Selected publications

1.Hailing Shi#, Xuliang Zhang#, Yi-Lan Weng#, Zongyang Lu, Yajing Liu, Zhike Lu, Jianan Li, Piliang Hao, Yu Zhang, Feng Zhang, You Wu, Jary Y. Delgado, Yijing Su, Meera Patel, Xiaohua Cao, Bin Shen, Xingxu Huang, Guo-li Ming, Xiaoxi Zhuang, Hongjun Song*, Chuan He*, Tao Zhou*. “m6A facilitates hippocampus-dependent learning and memory through Ythdf1”, Nature 2018, 563:249-253.

2.Ian A. Roundtree, Guan-Zheng Luo, Zijie Zhang, Xiao Wang, Tao Zhou, Yiqiang Cui, Jiahao Sha, Xingxu Huang, Laura Guerrero, Phil Xie, Emily He, Bin Shen, Chuan He*. “YTHDC1 mediates nuclear export of N6-methyladenosine methylated mRNAs”. eLife 2017;6:e31311.

3.Jianbo Xiu#, Qi Zhang#, Tao Zhou, Tingting Zhou, Yang Chen, Hailan Hu*. “Visualizing an emotional valence map in the limbic forebrain by TAI-FISH”. Nature Neuroscience 2014, 17 (11): 1552-1559.

4.Kun Li#, Tao Zhou#, Lujian Liao, Zhongfei Yang, Catherine Wong, Fritz Henn, Roberto Malinow, John R. Yates III, Hailan Hu*. “CaMKII in Lateral Habenula Mediates Core Symptoms of Depression”. Science 2013, 341(6149): 1016-20.