PhD, Principal investigator
Director of the Shenzhen Engineering Lab for Brain Activity Mapping Technologies (BAMT)
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(1) Novel tools for neural recording and modulation, including flexible optogenetics, bio-sensors & actuators, electrode arrays and neural interfaces.

(2) Functional dissection and modulation of specific neural circuits involved in neuropsychological diseases (epilepsy & emotion disorders).

鲁艺,博士,研究员,所长助理。入选国家“优青”(交叉学部),广东省”杰青”,广东省特支计划(青拔),中国科学院青年创新促进会会员,深圳市高层次人才(地方级)。目前同时担任中国神经科学学会神经科学研究技术分会秘书长,深圳市脑图谱解析关键技术与设备工程实验室主任。已在Nature Communications,Advanced Materials,Advanced Functional Materials,Cell Reports,Biomaterials等期刊上发表学术论文30余篇,相关论文被Cell,Nature Materials,Chemical Reviews等期刊引用。申请国家发明专利超过100件,其中目前已授权约50件;获得2018年度广东省自然科学一等奖(2/15);主持各级科研项目共计15项。 



2018-present, Principal Investigator and Professor at SIAT, CAS.

2014-present, Director of the Shenzhen Engineering Lab for BAMT.

2012-2018, Associate Professor at SIAT, CAS.

2010-2012, Assistant Professor at SIAT, CAS.

2005-2010, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Wuhan University.

2001-2005, B.S. in Chemistry, Wuhan University.

Selected publications

(#Equal Contribution; *Corresponding Author)
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