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33th Xiangshan Science Conference of “Brain and Cognition for Non-human Primate” was held at Shenzhen

From March 11th to 12th, the 33th Xiangshan Science Conference for “Brain and Cognition for Non-human Primate” was held at Shenzhen Zijing Villa. Over 60 brain science field experts from domestic and abroad get together had a splendid discussion. Surrounded about high-end international brain and cognition technology, and its development trend, China non-human primate research situation and next directions of further research. 

The attendees for this conference were PU Muming, from American Academy of Sciences and Neuroscience Institute of CAS, CHEN Lin, from Biophysics Institute of CAS, YE Yuru, the foreign academician of American Academy of Sciences, Academician of CAS and Vice-president of Hong Kong University Science and Technology, QIANG Boqing, from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Basic Medical Institute, JI Weizhi, from Kunming university of science and technology, and Wang Liping, from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS was the presiding chairmen.  

For deep analysis the development trend of non-human primate brain and cognition in domestic and abroad, outline Chinese main strategy direction and reach a consensus in this area, provide an explicit plan for national non-human brain and cognition about research direction and disorder model, the experts point at conference theme, discuss about non-human gene editing, visual cognition, optogenetics analyze brain cognitive loop mechanism, in vivo non-human two-photon imaging and other fields.  

Advanced cognize function is the primary cause for human could adapting the circumstance and reforming the world. The relationship between abnormal of cognition function and brain disorder has close relative, the later one has become a huge social burden, in dire need of human understanding for brain cognition. Human has entered into artificial intelligence era, but the essential understanding about intelligence has not yet clear, the research about brain and cognition will promote the essential understanding for intelligent.  

In the new round of competition, we need organize superior power aim to conquer some important areas. Non-human primate has analogous model compare with human, it’s the ideal model for this kind of research. China has abundant primate resources, in recent years, Chinese scientists has gain qualitative progress in non-human visual, self-consciousness, choice and other fields.  

Xiangshan Science Conference is sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Science, launched in 1993, a conference characterized with high-level, interdisciplinary, small-scale, it’s a permanent academy conference. The theme covering basic research, major engine technology, select national science strategy and projects.