GE Deng Yun

GE Deng Yun

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
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Dr. Dengyun Ge earned his PhD in the University of Queensland (UQ) with Dr. Nickolas Lavidis and Dr. Peter Noakes (2014-2018). His research project was mainly focused on the seasonal regulation of neurotransmitter release at the amphibian neuromuscular junctions. His postdoctoral work was firstly carried out in William Phillip's laboratory at the University of Sydney. There, he examined the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on the synaptic neurotransmission at the mammalian neuromuscular junctions.

After returning from overseas in the middle of 2019, Dr. Ge joined the lab of Prof. Yang Zhan at the SIAT. Here, his research interests transfer to describing the neural networks underlying learning and memory.

Currently running research projects are as follows:

  • Interhemispheric connectivity between left and right medialprefrontal cortex in a mouse model of autism
  • Prefrontal-Hippocampal Interactionsin Cognition, Behavior and Psychiatric Disease