PhD, Associate Professor
Investigates the Neural Regulation of Vision, Attention and Emotion
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We are interested in understanding the neural circuits of visual perception, attention, and emotion in the nonhuman primates, and how we can regulate these basic functions through manipulating the activities of specific neurons or pathways.
To this end, we use several novel neuromodulation techniques including optogenetics, chemogenetics, in combination with the traditional electrophysiological technique, to uncover how visual information is encoded in the brain, how attention modulates perception, how emotion interacts with cognition, and how these functions can be manipulated in the behaving monkeys.


2017.10- present, Associate Professor at SIAT CAS
2014.9-2017.9, Associate Professor at Institute of Psychology, CAS
2010.9-2015.2, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University
2003.9-2010.1, Institute of Biophysics, CAS, PhD
1999-9-2003.6, Nanjing University, B.S

Selected publications

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