ZHOU Huihui

ZHOU Huihui

PhD, Professor
investigates the brain mechanisms underlying visual cognitive functions and related behaviors in non-human primates.
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We are interested in the brain mechanisms underlying visual attention, working memory and eye movement etc. Impairments in these mechanisms have been associated with many brain disorders such as ADHD, autism and schizophrenia. By studying the visual systems in nonhuman primates, we have shown that visual attention is mediated by complex interactions between association cortex, visual cortex and sub-cortex areas. Our long-term research goal is to characterize the mechanisms underlying these inter-area communications and local interactions within an area, then apply this scientific knowledge to help to understand the mechanisms of brain disorders. We use a multi-disciplinary approach, including electrophysiology, behavior, optogenetics, neuronal imaging to study these questions in alert monkeys.


2014- present, Principal investigator at SIAT CAS since 2014.
2005-2014, Research Scientist at MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research
2000, Peking Union Medical College, PhD.
1995, Zhejiang University, BEng.

Selected publications

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