History of BCBDI

The Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute was officially established and the plaque of BCBDI was unveiled, witnessed by Jianping Fan (President of SIAT), Robert Desimone (Director of McGovern Institute), Hugo Shong, (Executive Vice President of IDG), and Liping Wang (Professor and Executive Director of BCBDI).

Preparation for the establishment of BCBDI started in 2013. Donator of Nobel Prize laureate—Robert Horvitz visited SIAT successively.

Timeline of Events


  • On March 5th, the experts from the Guangdong Laboratory Animals Monitoring Institute visited the site of BCBDI.
  • On July 1st, Prof. Robert Horvitz, the 2002 Nobel Prize Laureate, visited SIAT and gave a talk to the faculty and students.
  • On July 31st, Mr. Hugo Shong, Executive VP of IDG, visited SIAT and discussed with Prof. Liping Wang.
  • On August 4th, the renovation project of BCBDI building was initiated.
  • On September 1st, Evaluation panel of Shenzhen Peacock Team Grant visited the new site of the BCBDI.
  • On October 22nd, BCBDI organized Chinese-German symposium “The role of glia cells in physiology and pathology”.
  • On November 4th, Prof. Chunli Bai, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the new BCBDI.
  • On November 16th, the opening ceremony of BCBDI and press conference were held at Shenzhen China Hi-Tech Fair.


  • On February 12th, BCBDI members moved to the new building.
  • On May 23rd, BCBDI held the kick-off ceremony of Shenzhen Peacock Team Grant ”Application of innovativegenome engineering on brain disorders”